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PMID18174564"Pharmacological management of GERD: where does it stand now?"Signs and symptoms[edit]Lippincott Williams & Wilkins336 (7634): 23^ Ayazi S, Hagen JA, Chan LS, DeMeester SR, Lin MW, Ayazi A, Leers JM, Oezcelik A, Banki F, Lipham JC, DeMeester TR, Crookes PF (August 2009)"Partial anterior vs partial posterior fundoplication following transabdominal esophagocardiomyotomy for achalasia of the esophagus: meta-regression of objective postoperative gastroesophageal reflux and dysphagia"


102 (3): 66885PMID17335450Am J Gastroenterol20 (1): 158"Potential mechanisms connecting asthma, esophageal reflux, and obesity/sleep apnea complexa hypothetical review"10 March 2004Am J GastroenterolMedH&E stain"No evidence for efficacy of radiofrequency ablation for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis."doi:10.1016/j.osfp.2012.10.005In some cases, a person with GERD symptoms can manage them by taking over-the-counter drugs and making lifestyle changes.[48] This is often safer and less expensive than taking prescription drugs.[48] Some guidelines recommend trying to treat symptoms with an H2 antagonist before using a proton-pump inhibitor because of cost and safety concerns.[48]NIDDKdoi:10.1136/bmj.39406.449456.BEpylori can lead to an increase in acid secretion,[26] leading to the question of whether HThe evidence for antacids is weaker with a benefit of about 10% (NNT=13) while a combination of an antacid and alginic acid (such as Gaviscon) may improve symptoms 60% (NNT=4).[35] Metoclopramide (a prokinetic) is not recommended either alone or in combination with other treatments due to concerns around adverse effects.[7][29] The benefit of the prokinetic mosapride is modest.[7]PMC4821522Compared to Nissen fundoplication procedures, the procedure has shown a reduction in complications such as gas bloat syndrome that commonly occur.[39] Adverse responses include difficulty swallowing, chest pain, vomiting, and nausea

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